A Christmas Blessing

Dr. Carl June, Dr. Bruce Levine, Nicole Gularte & Dr. Don Siegel, UPenn, December 2018,

My bone marrow biopsy results came in for the CAR T 22 trial and I am pleased to announce that I am in a complete remission – no more cancer! πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ’ͺ

I thank those of you who prayed for me. I thank God for the answered prayers. And I thank the UPenn team (and many others) for their perseverance and dedication; as their hard work has created miracles.

May we all thank God for blessing us this Christmas with this amazing gift.

The news is still settling in. Updates to come…

9 thoughts on “A Christmas Blessing

  1. Oh my god,Nicole that is so completely awesome.You are the best,you are the blessed you are a total inspiration for all people.I am soo happy for you,please keep up the good work,so so proud of you,love you cuz!

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  2. Nicole,
    Such amazing news. So thankful to you and all involved for keeping the faith and believing !

    Truly remarkable

    Have a wonderful holiday season
    Graeme (@Tmunity)

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  3. Congratulations Nicole!! Your patience and determination has paid off again. I hope you have the happiest of holidays knowing you are cancer free!! All the best my dear – and Happy New Year!!


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