Yesterday was my day 28 check up for my CART 22 research trial at UPenn. The test results from this bone marrow (BM) biopsy will reveal if I am in complete remission – making me a two-time CART survivor!

Unfortunately, the portion of the test results we need will not be in until Thursday, December 13th. We are testing for minimal residual disease (MRD), which will tell us if I am in a “deep remission” – meaning the treatment worked! 😃 I have an appointment scheduled that day with Dr. Frey and we will discuss the results. I promise to update everyone (via blog post) on what those results reveal.

Surprisingly, I am not too anxious for the test results… perhaps because I believe that the CART 22 treatment worked. If it did not work, or if it is not a lasting remission, I believe I may have the opportunity to try a third CART trial… the future of medicine is definitely changing the world – this I know.

I am happy to be blessed with, and surrounded by, amazing people in my life – both physically and virtually!!! I am in the best of spirits, I feel great, and it’s the holiday season – what’s not to be happy about. I choose love, not fear.

So I have added a few photos from today’s hospital visit and BM biopsy. I even took a picture of the marrow they pulled from my hip (the sample on the slide in the photos below), which is the specimen that will be used for our MRD test – how exciting 🙏

I would like to also add that in my journey of becoming an eight-time leukemia survivor, I have endured more than 50 of these BM biopsies 😳😮

After my appointment at UPenn, Bentley and I made our rounds (as usual) at the research building. It’s not very often he is in his office nowadays, but Dr. Carl June was there yesterday and Bentley and I stopped in to say hi. We had a nice, short conversation and Dr. June said something that made me smile and think – I can’t help but trust that I am exactly where I need to be.

Updates on BM biopsy next Thursday!!!!


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