A Christmas Blessing

Dr. Carl June, Dr. Bruce Levine, Nicole Gularte & Dr. Don Siegel, UPenn, December 2018,

My bone marrow biopsy results came in for the CAR T 22 trial and I am pleased to announce that I am in a complete remission – no more cancer! 🤗🙏💪

I thank those of you who prayed for me. I thank God for the answered prayers. And I thank the UPenn team (and many others) for their perseverance and dedication; as their hard work has created miracles.

May we all thank God for blessing us this Christmas with this amazing gift.

The news is still settling in. Updates to come…

From 24 To 48 Hours

Well… I just received a phone call from my team at UPenn informing me that my bone marrow (BM) biopsy results for the Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) test are not in yet. They rescheduled me for Friday morning at 8:30 AM in hopes that the MRD results will come in tomorrow.

This is going to be the longest 48 hours EVER!!! I am trying to be patient… patiently waiting… 😩

24 Hours Away

In my previous blog post I discussed how I was not overly anxious about receiving my test results this Thursday. Well, that has since changed… now that we are just 24 hours away, I am extremely anxious about tomorrows results.

I am excited more than anything, but worried at the same time. I have mentally prepared myself for the worst, but hoping for the best. This is my life – and my future depends on these results. To avoid additional stress I am taking the day to sort through my emotions and calm my mind (see photo of my new journal at the bottom of this post). I have to remind myself to live in the present moment – not the future nor the past – for those are things you cannot change.

In 24 hours I will have the answers we’ve all been waiting for. Cancer free or not? Either way, this is my journey and it is not going to end here. I have a lot of fight left in me and any bad news just makes me want to fight ten times harder. Cancer can not mess with me!

Updates tomorrow 🙏🤞😊