Thanks For Giving

It is the calm after the “storm” and my body is beginning to recover. Thanksgiving day was the first day I felt great and had no CRS. As I begin this healing process, I can’t help but think about all the things I am thankful for.

First, I am thankful for all of you who came to visit me here in the hospital during my CART22 trial. I thank you for giving me your precious time and I thank you for giving me great memories. Thank you for giving.

Second, I am thankful for all of my supporters out there who have continued to pray for me. I am thankful for those who sent me care packages (GE marketing team!) and inspirational cards (so many of you!). I am also thankful for the Emily Whitehead Foundation and those who ran for me in the November marathons. I especially want to thank the Whitehead family for including me in their lives and giving me support and guidance – they are “always praying for me and they always have me in their hearts”. I am thankful for all of you – thankful for giving me support and giving me inspiration. Thank you for giving.

Third, I am thankful for my team of doctors and support from UPenn staff. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to start this new clinical trial (patient #1) and to also receive the newest “supercharged” CAR T technology. We are all excited for good news to come – remission – which we will know by December 6th. I am thankful for the care that I continue to receive from this amazing group of individuals. Thank you for giving.

Finally, I want to thank my mom for being here each and every day – we started this eight-year journey together and I am happy to end this journey together, and as an eight-time cancer survivor! Thank you, mom… for giving.

With recovery in motion, I am due to go home this Sunday – just in time for my birthday – and this I am certainly thankful for.

Thanks to all for giving me another birthday!


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