My first infusion of T-cells ended yesterday at 11:11 AM. We patiently waited for “the storm” which is when your fever spikes – an indication the t-cells are attacking the cancer cells. Around 5:00 PM, I had some cold chills and spiked a mild fever (99 – 100), but this morning my temperature returned to normal and I feel fine.

What this means is that today I will be receiving a second infusion of t-cells!!! This is rather exciting to me because I did not receive a second infusion of t-cells during my last clinical trial. Although there is no evidence to support this, it is a possibility that only receiving one infusion of t-cells led to my relapse. I guess this is the whole point of clinical trials – to figure out what and why certain things do or do not work!

My second infusion of t-cells should take place around the same time today. If my reaction is similar to last night’s reaction (no fevers over 100.4), then I will receive my third and final infusion of t-cells tomorrow.

The big difference between my CART19 trial two years ago and this current CART22 trial is that, I spiked a fever and had a reaction after my first infusion with CART19 which means that I only received 10% of my t-cells last time. This is another factor that could have led to my relapse; however, this is just speculation as we do not have enough clinical data to determine if this could be true. So today, I will receive an additional 30% of t-cells and if my reaction is mild (as it was last night), I will receive the remainder (60%) of my cells tomorrow.

I don’t know if we want me to react to this next 30% of t-cells I receive today because it means that I will not receive the final 60% of my t-cells tomorrow – but then again, this is the point of being in a controlled study!

I look forward to providing updates as I patiently wait for “the storm” to happen and my cancer disappear!

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: CART 22 Trial

  1. Hi,
    I pray for you and I know that your strong figthing spirits will motivate the other cancer patients.
    I developt an Immunomodulator (biotech) from mushroom cell wall to fight cancer in Indonesia and it help the Px to increase their quality if live & prolong their live too.
    I lived in Cupertino, Ca. in the 70-90.
    I wish you well & Jesus Bless you..
    Peter Sugita

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