Reflection – A Poem from a Mother

From A Mother’s Heart

My Dear Nicole ~ my sweet, precious jewel

How could you’ve been dealt something so cruel?

For He has His reasons that none of us know.

But through all of this you will most certainly grow.

Your life was so active; you were on the right path

This setback you’re facing has caused some wrath.

Although you ask, “Why me, why me?”

The answers won’t come very easily.

So your only option from this time on

Is acceptance and belief that this will be gone.

Your strength and your fight to persevere

Will eventually give back all you hold dear.

As you move through this process of regaining your health

I know you will receive much knowledge of wealth.

A treasure to pass on to others to help to inspire

The need to stay positive and strong to obtain their desire.

Your courage, your attitude is an inspiration

So keep it going along with your determination.

These next few months may at times be rough

But all of us that love you know you are tough.

And one day, my dear daughter, I can hear you say,

“Okay, God I understand now why this came my way.”

For this will be enlightening for you, you will see

And your life will be better than you hoped it would be.

Karen Andres, January 2011